What is NETWorKIN


NetworKIN is a method for predicting in vivo kinase-substrate relationships, that augments consensus motifs with context for kinases and phosphoproteins.


It goes beyond traditional methods that rely solely on consensus motifs, the short amino acid sequences often found near phosphorylation sites on proteins.  NetworKIN incorporates contextual information for both kinases and phosphoproteins.

This contextual data likely reflects factors like protein-protein interactions and cellular localization, which can significantly influence kinase-substrate specificity.

By integrating these additional layers of information, NetworKIN aims to provide more accurate and reliable predictions of which kinases phosphorylate specific protein substrates within a living cell (in vivo).

This enhanced predictive power holds significant value for researchers studying cellular signaling pathways and protein phosphorylation events.



For more information about Networking, watch this video